Sunday, January 04, 2009

New year bargains

This bit of information has come at a good time for me, and so I'm sharing it. Our family have slowly over the past years switched to using greener, organic skincare, shower lotions, etc.

My son and I have switched to organic toothpaste without all the foaming ingredients. Husband is a bit slower to change. I think this is because I remember my first toothpaste as being a 'cake' of powdery stuff in a little flat circular case. We rubbed the toothbrush onto this cake till we had enough on the brush.

This toothpaste -- like the one I now use -- often leaves a residue on the toothbrush because it does not get 'foamed away'. That is why I still have the habit of tapping my tooth brush rather hard on the edge of the sink to get rid of this residue.

You can now save £5 at Green People on orders over £35 when you apply this code AF27740957 at checkout. Code expires on 31st January 2009.

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