Friday, January 16, 2009

No new boots, no new clothes

Decided to re-sole my old brown boots instead. They are still comfy. Must get at least another year of wear out of it. I have brown polish which I can use on scuffed surfaces.

Sale season still on. I look on with envy. Some organic, ethical, fairtrade outfit has got a massive sale on, but nothing for me. I live in hope that these outfits would do something in my size soon before my current batch of clothes (some organic, some not) become rags. Or fall back on 'poisonous cotton'.

The following retailer also has an interesting 'Library' section:

I'm not asking for much. Just simple sensible clothes in size 8 please.

The good news is I've got my physio appointment (re arthritis) in mid-February. Yay!

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