Friday, January 23, 2009

Not a fan of ...

Not a fan of coffee.

Not a fan of George Clooney or the nespresso machine. Not surprised to learn how 'unethical' and useless it is here. Tickled pink.

Not a fan of Lang Lang, the Chinese pianist whose constipated looks while performing is such a pain to watch. Painist, not pianist, there. But this guy is so popular, or so I thought, and sometimes he plays very well, if very loudly.

So I was glad to learn that he is also much 'reviled' amongst some critics.

Andre Previn has said of his antics, "he might as well get up and juggle".

Earl Wild called him "the J-Lo of piano".

And other (Telegraph) critics have called him the "piano star the critics love to hate", criticized his "bravura display of preening", and described his antics as "better suited to a circus".

I guess what I am saying is, "It's nice to know I am not alone."

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