Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Shall I get new boots?

The sale is on at my favourite shoe store. Husband has already acquired a couple of pairs of smart working shoes and the question was do I replace my current pair of brown boots.

When the prices seem so 'reasonable' one is tempted to go, "O! Just get them. They would come in useful."

But this pair has come with a spare set of rubber soles for the heels. True, I've worn them for a year, or was it two?, O, I don't remember. What I remember is when I first put them on, they were so very comfortable. Shall I get them re-heeled?

The cobbler would do it for £7.99, minus £1 if I brought in my spare heel-soles (whatever they are called).

The sale means it does not cost that much more to get a new pair. However £6.99 and a bit of time would (1) prevent this pair from going into landfill, (2) provide some business for the cobbler, and (3) I get to keep my slightly scuffed but comfortable brown boots.

Hmm. What should I do?

Yesterday I read about how Wedgewood will not be celebrating their 250th anniversary. The company is deep in debt. (As to the ethics of trading in such manner is another story. Personally I find this practice unethical and puts the livelihoods of the employees at great risk.)

It appears that on one side the 'IKEA' generation would prefer to change their dinnerware every so often instead of investing in a dinner service they could replace if something broke. (Now that Wedgewood has gone bust, does that mean that our dinner service is much more valuable?)

On the other, it amuses me that so many gifts of expensive crystal and chinaware never get outside the display cabinet that it is stored in. If it does not get used, it does not get broken, and so it does not get replaced. Either way Waterford and Wedgewood are not getting new business!

So what do people do? Keep these till the owners pass on and the descendants sell them (as we see in so many TV programmes) in order to go on holiday or something like that.

What worries me more is not that people are not buying Wedgewood, but that families do not sit down at tables to eat. Families eat in front of the TV and that is why cheap replaceable IKEA is prefered (preferred?).

That thought sends a shiver down my spine.

I think the new brown boots would have to wait another year. Meanwhile this information might be useful if you need new shoes:

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