Saturday, March 28, 2009

Think of the children -- perhaps Fred should

News last week -- OK, old news -- that 'Sir Fred' had his house vandalized.

OK, I do not condone vandalism. But it was the editor of the Business Times, I think, according to a little video clip on a news site that says, "Look, Sir Fred is a private citizen now. You may not agree with his pension and all that, but that was in accordance with his contract, etc. Think of his children. He might now have to move his children to another school because of this act ...."

Think of the children. Think of the children. Think of the children.

I thought of the children and wonder if Fred the Shred ever thought of the children when he acted in those (now generally considered) despicable ways not only with his bank business (the mismanagement of it) but also with his pension (the sheer audacity and greed), etc.

Did he think of the children -- other people's children -- when he made those corporate decisions that led to his eventual downfall?

I think of two children in particular: my son's classmate and his sister will now have to leave their private schools to go to a state school because their mother has been made redundant. "Tough!" you may say, "Do they not have any reserves they could turn to?"

That is another story. The point is there are thousands of children like these up and down the country because some people in positions of influence did not think of the children.

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