Saturday, May 30, 2009

Appointment to see the neurologist

Yay! I've been given an appointment to see someone at the neurology department some time in July.

My GP ran all the tests and found nothing wrong with me, but I am still getting the numbness in both my hands (usually when I sleep) and we both want to know that it is not the onset of some degenerative nerve disease.

They now have this 'choose and book' system. One is given a long list of hospitals we could go to (previously one could go to the one decided by the GP, I suppose). We then check them out online, see how long their waiting list is, and try to book an appointment.

The hospital I chose did not have an online booking system, so I had to ring up. The hospital had not issued any dates. So it could be two months or twice that. Who knows?

I was told that if the hospital does not contact me within two weeks, then I must go back to the GP for advice.

What? Go back to the GP? Do you know how difficult it is to get an appointment to see my GP?

So I put it down in my diary that I should hear from the hospital by such and such a date.

Date came and went. Son on holiday and I was too busy to try to book a time to see the GP.

And then Mr Postman brought me news. I have been given an appointment at this hospital in July.

But of course it is during the holiday period and we would have been away in France that day.

But, again, no. It was so tedious trying to book our holiday we decided to forgo it and holiday locally. So I shall be able to make this neuro appointment.

I don't think there is anything seriously wrong with me but it's good to know. I hope the neuro would be able to put my mind to rest.

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Laura Brown said...

I hope everything goes well for you.

Layla said...

Hi! Sorry to hear about it... have you checked out the role of (the lack of) some minerals including magnesium in this? I think I've read something about a possible connection somewhere..

Maybe it would be good to track your nutrition on or Cronometer or such, at least for a short while? (I did find quite big nutrient deficiencies at the time.. even if I thought I was eating healthy!)
Then one can find some natural foods that have more of those nutrients.. wishing you all well!!