Saturday, May 16, 2009

A cannabis factory across from my house

Tuesday we noticed police presence across the road. After son's piano concert I walked across to police officer and asked if there's been a break-in. If there's one, I needed to know.

"Nothing to worry about, madam. Not a break-in."

No dead bodies? "Nothing like that madam."

Wednesday I could see policeman guarding the open door as colleague was doing something inside. Dusting for fingerprints? Poor chap standing there all morning in the cold. So at lunch time I went over to say, "Would you like a cup of tea?"

I don't think he's allowed to accept hospitality while on duty. I mean, what if I spiked his drink? No, he said.

What about your colleagues? "I'm fine," came the voice of his female colleague from inside the house. I could see that the house was in a bit of a mess.

Thursday. Another policeman at door while his colleague was inside. Then she was outside, writing up some report on the big wheelie bin.

Today (Friday), big truck came with police car late afternoon. They went away. About 8pm when son came home from Cubs husband said there's a big truck outside.

Some time later I looked out to see people removing lots of electricals. Lots and lots of electrical. What looked like battery packs, many many of these. Lots of switches on boards, lots of large metal plates looking things, boxes with holes cut out with aluminium piping connected. Lots of stuff they put in clear plastic bags too but I could not see in the dark.

There was no lighting in that house. An electrician's van was parked outside on Tuesday so it looked like the power supply had been cut. Instead they were using torches and lights powered by portable sources.

I said to husband I think it must be a cannabis factory. Googled "inside a cannabis factory UK" and looked under "Images" and there I could see pictures of stuff that I had just seen taken out.

Now I know.

Never seen a soul go in or out of that house since 'people' moved in, less than six months ago, I think. Always an upstairs window open. Apparently most of these cannabais farms are run by illegal Chinese or Vietnamese, more or less imprisoned there by their paymasters. (I wonder if the police might have thought I was involved being Chinese, too!!)

Recently in a location not far from us someone was actually killed. I think he was trying to run away from this clandestine operation, but of course, no one would let him.

So very sad.

Incidentally this blog was suspended for a few days because the robots had flagged this as a spam blog (!). I don't know how a spam blog works. I only know that some weeks ago I was attacked by a spammer -- in Chinese. This person was sending the same offending message advertising some nasty pharmaceuticals via my 'Comments' facility. As soon as I removed one such comment, about four more 'pinged' into the Inbox. Eventually I managed to contact Blogger. Whether or not they actually did something to stop it, I don't know. But those people are vicious.

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