Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"for family reasons"

OK, this awful MPs' expenses scandal is really quite cathartic.

Today another two female MPs said they are stepping down in order to "spend more time with their families".

These are MPs/Ministers in their late 50s/60s. Their children are not nine years old, like my son.

What I found particularly galling is Patricia Hewitt saying:

"I did initially want to serve another term. But I feel the time is right," said Ms Hewitt.

"The truth is that after 13 years as an MP and ten years in Government, I have not seen enough of my family. They have paid a high price for that."

THE TRUTH IS thenext election (if she's voted back in, no guarantee of that) will take her to past the 15 years in Parliament which qualifies her for a much more generous pension. She would now have to forgo that. O, poor thing!

As for not seeing enough of the family, isn't it a bit late to spend time with family and children who have left home, or are leaving soon?

My husband is also working shorter hours "to spend time with family", but that is only because our son has just turned nine, and is at an age when it would benefit him to do more with Dad while Mum takes a back-seat.

For a social scientist who has researched the plight of graduate women who sacrifice their careers to oversee their very young children growing up, this piffle about spending more time with their families is rather difficult to swallow.

In other words, it is sheer hyprocrisy these MPs/Ministers are displaying. And you know what is the worst part in all this?

They think us voters are so stooopid we cannot see through this.

(And O! Jacqui Smith is also standing down from Cabinet at the next reshuffle. Yay!)

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