Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fourth of July

Hectic morning at Toddlers on Friday. Difficult mum did not show up so we could not put into action what was planned for her.

Back home I realized that in the hurly-burly of the week I had completely forgotten to buy HIM a birthday card for HIS 50th.

So having sorted out what I needed to sort out I hurried along to the shops thinking that I would just have time to buy the card and head back to school for the Leavers Service.

I rummaged for my purse as I entered the first card shop I came to and searched, and searched, and searched, and realized that I had forgotten to bring my purse in my distracted state of mind (having to switch TV on for mum-in-law for her to watch Wimbledon, eg).

There wasn't time for me to get home. I rummaged again and thankfully found some loose change I had thrown into the bag, and two plastic coins from my son's toy cash register.

In the end I was delighted to find a 'husband 50th' (not '50th husband, note!) card that I could afford. Yay!

Yesterday we had a little celebration with family and close friends at a very nice restaurant not far from us. That kind of restaurant where food comes in very tiny portions. In the end we did feel very full, however.

When sister-in-law gave husband his "50 today" badge son and I remembered what we forgot.

This morning, enroute to church, I ordered a balloon on son's behalf. This was duly delivered to son while I was at church.

Husband is now the proud recipient of a helium-filled balloon with the words, "Old and Grumpy" on it.

He's still smiling and we are still married. So he can't be that grumpy.

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