Monday, July 20, 2009

I can stand up straight!!

This morning I meditated on the goodness of my Lord.

This time last week I could not stand up straight. I was walking around bent over.

We figure it was my attempt to put the washing on the line first thing in the morning that did it. A basket of wet laundry is quite heavy after all, for me at least.

That is why I once went into an awful strop at Toddlers when there were effectively just two people putting out all the toys and equipment. I could not stand back and not help, but I knew that if I did I would have massive problems the following day.

For months we could not understand why I found it so painful to get out of bed on Saturday mornings. We decided that it was the lifting and bending over, etc, on Friday Toddlers that did it.

Any way, so I was at CenterParcs, OK with cycling bent over, but walking rather awkwardly.

We brought our microwave wheatbag/hot water bottle. It was there on my back pretty much the whole day. Then I slept on it.

Tuesday morning I had this fear: what if I put my feet on the floor and there is still massive pain?

I put my feet gingerly on the floor, and stood up, s-l-o-w-ly, and then shouted, "I can stand up straight! Praise the Lord!"

There was still some pain but I could stand up straight. I am not going to be the Hunchback of Nibthwaite Road. Yo! That's mighty good news.

Back home now and received a cc copy of my consultant neurologist's letter to my GP. He found that I was pretty much normal on most counts, but there was wasting of abductor pollicis brevis on the left, but weakness was worse on the right.

It's scary when your consultant says your muscles have shown some 'wasting'. Is it going to get worse? Could it get better? What has caused the wasting?

Also not very nice when he described that part of my palm as being 'podgey'. Me? Podgey?

In the end he tells me that he is almost certain that it was bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. Most people have this problem on one side. I must be one of those he said are "wired differently" and have to have this on both left and right.

But he wants an MRI scan on the neck to rule out the worst.

Me: It's not a degenerative nerve disease then?

Consultant: I don't think so.

The letter tells me now that I am also required to undergo a neurophysiological study at Charing Cross. I feel like I had been scratched, poked and prodded quite enough. So not looking forward to another of those pokey tests.

Well I do have extremely tiny wrists. I think I have to lay off the dumb-bell work in my aqua-aerobics. (But how else do I get those toned upper arms???)

The thing is of course I do the aqua to reduce the creaking in my knees and to keep the arthritis at bay, not for vanity. (The creaking knees are from running and basketball in my youth, I think.)

So when you are skirting 50, different bits of the body call time, it seems.

Apparently Tom Watson nearly (nearly) won the (British) Open after a hip replacement. There is hope for me yet.

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