Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brrr... Cold Callers

Grrrrr! more like.

I wonder if these cold callers know how annoying they are.

They call often when I am cooking, trying to get a baking tray out of the hot oven, or stopping something from boiling over. Or in the middle of my lunch which I sometimes forget to eat.

You run to the phone, answer it and ... nothing. No one breathes, no music. Pure nothing.

Then, I imagine, something clicks or lights up on THEIR machine to indicate that someone has picked up the phone.

Then they speak, usually asking for my husband.

I have been so fed up recently about these calls I've taken to doing the same thing to them.

I pick up the phone and when the silence indicates that it is a cold caller, I'd wait.

When they ask to speak with "Mr T" I know it IS a cold caller.

I hold my breath for a few seconds, then I hang up.

The most hateful ones are those who say, "O! Don't worry! We are not trying to sell you something."

Yeah, sure. Did they call to discuss the weather or shall I take up their time to talk Kierkegaard?

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