Monday, March 29, 2010

Help! Another Prodigy!

I really cannot understand why parents push their prodigies into university.

Let me go on field trip or I'll sue, prodigy, 13, tells college

Clearly these brains are so advanced they cannot see that learning something/sitting exams/graduating university earlier does not make them any better/more mature/nicer people.

So what if my child is able to sit A Level exams at age eight, ten, or twelve? After that, what?

My son was able to read anything he set his eyes on at five. So Dad bought him a whole set of Famous Five books. Why not? Both Mum and Dad enjoyed the Famous Five.

Son tried reading one and gave up. He did not have the emotions to cope with that kind of adventure. It frightened him.

He read the lot more recently and quite enjoyed them. Age nine is so different from age five when you are under a decade old.

Thirteen-year-old boys should do what 13-year-old boys do: get zits and gain an interest in girls. Children and only children once. They should not be deprived of their childhood.

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