Monday, September 06, 2010

The Story of Tommy the Cat

This is a brag post. My son gave me permission to post his poem written some time in the last academic year. The teacher had gone over the structure of a poem and the pupils were asked to write another based on that structure.

He wrote the first three stanzas in class and I saw him sitting at our dining table hacking out the last. As usual he refused to let me read any of his homework before submitting.


The Story of Tommy the Cat

The milkman was driving in his multicoloured truck,
When something jumped in front of him – a cat covered in muck!
The milkman swerved, the milk truck tipped, and threw him out the door.
The milk was flying everywhere and all across the floor.

The cat now grabbed a milk can, and knocked the man half dead.
Then dragged him to a building, and left him in a bed.
He grabbed the milk, then ran away, and gave himself a drink.
For the cat’s name was Tommy, and he needed milk to think.

The milkman woke up in his bed, and thought it was all a dream,
But Tommy appeared at the window and the milkman gave a scream!
The milkman fell, and his eyes rolled right back in his head,
And after he had fainted, fell right out of his bed!

Then Tommy ran off down the street to make his getaway,
The milkman also lived enough to drive another day.
Though after this short incident the milkman made a vow,
That any cat he ever sees, he’ll run them down right now!

L. T. (aged 10)


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