Friday, October 29, 2010

Dad, Dad, no Dad

In my short walk to the Post Office and back I was struck by three family situations.

#1: Little blonde toddler running after balding dad who went, "Come on, catch up with your gingerbread Dad."

#2: Dad and son had just crossed the road and dad had swooped son into his arms. Both having a lovely chat.

#3: Attention drawn to child (about 11-12 years old) stamping and completely destroying a pair of glasses on the ground. It was a family of mother plus three small children plus this lad. They must have just come from the cinema and had been given those pretty sturdy 3-D glasses.

Mum was tending to a much younger child when the oldest child stamped on the glasses.

Mum: "Any why did you have to do that?"

Boy: "Because no one would recognize me."

Mum: "Now pick up those bits and put them in the bin."

I don't know what transpired before this incident. But the look on the boy's face and his manner suggested to me that he needed some help with anger management. Did he feel he was not getting the attention he wanted? Anybody's guess.

Thankfully his mother seems a sensible sort of person.

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