Sunday, March 18, 2012

Banana leaves - natural packaging

My cousin and her husband passed through Heathrow early this morning. My husband met them to collect a package of food for me.

I was delighted that she had brought fresh food.

My son watched me eat a strange red thing which we call "ang koo kueh", or "red tortoise".

He watched me tear off the banana leaves from the bottom of this "cake" and said, "Banana leaves."

I said, "Yes, banana leaves, completely biodegradable."

Son also chose to buy me a large basket of flowers for "Yummy Mummy" this Mothering Sunday. I really appreciated it.

However, it came wrapped in yards of a plasticized clear wrap. It is very difficult to find real cellophane these days, the crinkly variety that actually biodegrades when exposed to light and air.

I look forward to a week of eating dumplings wrapped and steamed in banana leaves. Yumm!

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