Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Good News Journal (3) -- localisms

I think this is a great example of localism, entrepreneurship in general and how, in particular, many mums start their businesses. We see an unmet need that our child/ren can benefit from our taking the plunge.

Mother desperate to make sure her children and their classmates eat healthy lunches after canteen closed launches her own catering firm and becomes school's new cook

Localism: The problem with big business is they can only take profit if they trade on a big scale. With the scale usually comes a drop in care and quality.

I now do some work locally. I walk to work. I am not paid a lot of money. But I do good work (at least I think so). Fellow human beings benefit from what I do. I don't mind the low wage too much.

Entrepreneurship: I meet too many clients who say they or their children are highly qualified 'but there are no jobs'. So they get on to JobSeekers Allowance and wait for an employer to come calling. Even if this means subjecting themselves to the fortnightly humiliation of 'signing on' at the local job centre.

Why not start their own business? Not enough capital? Group together with mates and start a business. There are also start-up loans available for people on benefits. Or used to.

Combining the two means that people who need work can meet the unmet needs of the local community, which this mother and her friends have done.

What is there not to like?

The only thing is IF she or her co-workers are or have been on Child Tax Credit and/or Income Support, they would have to make sure that they have declared this 'change of circumstances' to the authorities.

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