Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Farmers' Market 2 and plastic bags

We managed to get back to the Farmers' Market this last weekend (see previous post).

Some of the prices were crazy. We got a large punnet of Egremont Russet apples for £1.50. Husband didn't mind the £1.50 but was thrilled that they were ER apples. We asked the stallholder to just tip the apples into our organic cotton string bag, which he did, and he was able to re-use his pl_stic punnet.

Later on we saw another stallholder tip a punnet of pears into a pla_tic bag another shopper had brought with her. Further along another lady shopper told the butcher, 'No, no, I've got my own bags.' She had a lovely wicker basket and several 'long life' pl_stic bags. At the baker's, he simply wrapped up our loaf in recycled paper and put it into the string bag I was holding open. None of that 'Would you like a plas_ic bag?' business.

I was really encouraged to see how in the space of a few minutes we could observe several people consciously doing their bit for the environment. It takes effort to clean out bags and to remember to carry those out with us. The sooner we make it a habit, the better.

Last stop, our soup man. He was there. Son wanted his soup. Again, my tiffin carrier came in handy. Soup man filled all three compartments with soup. Again, there was much curiosity -- and approval. No foam or pla_tic containers this time. Neat.

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