Thursday, December 22, 2005

Cheap, plentiful and this harmful

So there is a second toxic chemical spill in a China river today:

The first spill, resulting from a Nov 13 explosion at a chemical plant upriver from Harbin, has reached Russia:

Eventually, these harmful chemicals are going to reach the sea.

According to a report in,1518,387392,00.html, authorities cited human error at a tower that processed benzene, a toxic, potentially cancer-causing chemical used in making plastics, detergents and pesticides.

Here's some information about benzene:

Another reason to reduce the use of plastic?

Developed nations accuse China of being slack in their health and safety regime resulting in such environmental disasters. If there isn't a demand for cheap plastic and pesticides, would China be producing these chemicals in such quantities and under such conditions?

If there was an even greater demand for organic food, for example, wouldn't a country (including China) rush to meet those demands instead?

The market is based on supply and demand.

So it good that today's news also tell us that "British organic food sales soar":

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