Monday, December 19, 2005

Why do I hate shopping? Part II

I took my son and visiting nephew to lunch last Friday.

Then son and I looked around a couple of shops for some reading material and shoes for him.

At WHSmith I suddenly felt -- rather strangely -- hey! my phobia for shopping meant I am missing out on all this festive atmosphere. It's actually quite fun. There's a feeling of adrenalin in the air as people strive to complete their shopping.

About twenty minutes later, after son had decided on the Horrid Henry book he wanted from another shop, we stepped out into the shopping precinct and I felt like we had been invaded.

There were hordes of high school children out and about. They seemed to be hunting in packs. Some of them were behaving in such a manner that at least one shop pulled their doors half-shut and stationed a security guard at the door.

I felt so threatened and son and I made our way out of those crowds as quickly as we could.

I still hate shopping.

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