Saturday, February 28, 2009

Size 6 is the new size 8?

I'm on the prowl again for clothes. (Compare/contrast previous post here and here) Smarter, slightly more formal, well-tailored clothes.

So I found myself at a local store looking at all the 'petite' consignments. Can't believe the Size 8 were so large ten years ago. Perhaps I have shrunk. It is well-known that women are prone to become smaller and slimmer after having a baby, you know, after all that running around after a bundle of energy ... not.

Perhaps I need to go for a size 6 instead, but if these stores have a size 6 they are hung up on a rail where a normal size 6 (unless she is very, very tall) cannot reach them. Some just can't be bothered to stock a size 6.

Maybe I am living in a part of UK where size 6 (previous size 8) do not exist.

Normal size eight, "Extra Small"? The sleeves or trouser legs are always too long.


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Laura Brown said...

As I recall, it's been documented that women's clothing sizes have steadily been getting larger over the years, to accommodate women's vanity as the population gets fatter, I guess. Thus the oft-repeated claim that Marilyn Monroe was a size 16 doesn't really mean much, because a 16 in her day was more like a size 12 by today's standards.

Of course sizes vary wildly from manufacturer to manufacturer, too. I have clothes in my wardrobe ranging from size 8 to size 14, all of which fit about the same.

I remember hearing that there are plans to eventually bring in EU-wide standards for clothing sizes, based solely on measurements. I imagine a lot of women won't be happy to find out what size they "really" are!