Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Picky about Pixie

This has nothing to do with anything organic.

On Facebook I read huge number of comments about people who cannot 'warm' to Pixie on Strictly Come Dancing.

Well, glad I am not the only one who finds something about her so annoying. This is the opposite to 'something about Mary', as in the film starring Cameron Diaz, where there is something about Mary that makes her so lovable.

I am not bothered with the argument/gripe that she had had dance training. She clearly has the benefit of 'muscle memory' to help her dance so well. She IS a delightful and competent dancer. If I was watching a programme about celebrities who dance fabulously then she will be loved. Full stop.

I know little (ie not a lot!) of Pixie Lott except that she's a singer. I do not know what songs she is famous for, or the genre of music she sings. OK, I'm not really into popular music these days.

Why don't I like her? There seems to be something 'put on' (fake) about her. The way she speaks with that constant tilt of her chin comes across as being somewhat 'affected'.

Everything about her seems to be so 'put on'. She could master her dance steps in no time at all. She makes dancing look so easy, but of course it will be suicidal to admit that, so she makes it out that it is not that easy at all.

Then I noticed (perhaps I blinked and missed) that whenever her name is called to go into the next round she just looks relieved, but not a word of 'thank you' to the people who voted.

This gives me the impression -- and it's only an impression -- that she thinks she is by her own talent good enough to make it to the next round. She does not need the support of the voting public.

Natural talent, affected mannerisms and 'I really do not need the voting public': This sums up why I cannot warm to Pixie.

That's just me being picky. I am almost certain that she is a very nice person once we get to know her and she has her inner circle of friends who would go to the ends of the earth for her.

Herein lies the problem with most people in the public eye. There is a need to compartmentalize the private from the public: the problem of the fa├žade (ie illusion). Cut the poor girl some slack.

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